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8th Army Air Force history


Keeping the mighty 8th memory alive

Mighty Eighth Air Force Historical Society

8th Air Force - 2nd Bombardment Group

Second Bombardment Group Association

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Moto or Sobriquet

Association Web Site

34th BG

"Valor To Victory"

34th Bomb Group   [ B-17 & B-24 ]

44th BG

"The Flying Eight Balls"

44th Bomb Group Veterans Association   [ B-24 ]

91st BG

"The Ragged Irregulars"

91st Bomb Group Memorial Association   [ B-17 ]

92nd BG

"Higher - Stronger - Faster"

92nd Bomb Group Memorial Association   [ B-17 ]

93rd BG

"Ted's Travelling Circus"

93rd Bomb Group Association   [ B-24 ]

94th BG

"Cunning - Rugged - Outrageous"

94th Bomb Group Memorial Association   [ B-17 ]

95th BG

"Justice With Victory"

95th Bomb Group Memorials Foundation   [ B-17 ]

96th BG

"It Is Always The Hour"

96th Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

97th BG

"The Hours Has Come"

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100th BG

"The Bloody Hundredth"

100th Bomb Group Foundation   [ B-17 ]

301at BG

"Who Fears ?"

301st Bomb Group   [ B-17 ]

303rd BG

"Might In Flight"

303rd Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

305th BG

"Can Do"

305th Bomb Group Memorial Association   [ B-17 ]

306th BG

"Abundance Of Strength"

306th Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

351st BG

351st Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

379th BG

"Power And Accuracy"

379th Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

381st BG

"Triumphant We Fly"

381st Bomb Group Memorial Association   [ B-17 ]

384th BG

"Keep The Show On The Road"

384th Bomb Group   [ B-17 ]

385th BG

"Winged Victory"

Friends of the 385th Bomb Group   [ B-17 ]

388th BG

"Fortress For Freedom"

388th Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

389th BG

"The Sky Scorpions"

389th Bomb Group Association   [ B-24 ]

390th BG

"Wing On ! Three Ninetieth"

390th Bomb Group Museum   [ B-17 ]

392nd BG


392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association   [ B-24 ]

398th BG

"Hell From Heaven"

398th Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

401st BG

"Bowman's Bombers"

401st Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

445th BG

445th Bomb Group    [ B-24 ]

446th BG

"Bungay Buckaroo's"

446th Bomb Group   [ B-24 ]

447th BG

"Let Justice Be Done l"

447th Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

448th BG


448th Bomb Group   [ B-24 ]

452nd BG

"Work For The Future"

452nd Bomb Group   [ B-17 ]

453rd BG

"Attach And Destroy"

453rd Bomb Group Association   [ B-24 ]

457th BG

"An Accomplished Fact"

457th Bomb Group Association   [ B-17 ]

458th BG

458th Bomb Group   [ B-24 ]

463rd BG

463rd Bomb Group Association    [ B-17 ]

466th BG

"The Flying Deck"

466th Bomb Group   [ B-24 ]

467th BG

"Rackheath Angels"

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482nd BG

482nd Bomb Group   [ B17 & B-24 ]

486th BG

486th Bombardment Group   [ B-17 & B-24 ]

487th BG

"The Gentlemen From Hell"

487th Bomb Group   [ B-17 & B-24 ]

489th BG

"Removing The Darkness"

489th Bomb Group   [ B-24 ]

490th BG

The 490th BG on Wikipedia   [ B-17 & B-24 ]

491st BG

"The Ringmasters"

491st Bomb Group   [ B-24 ]

492nd BG

"The Carpetbaggers"

492nd Bomb Group   [ B-24 ]

493rd BG

"Helton's Hellcats"

Debach Airfield - 493rd BG   [ B-17 & B-24 ]

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